You can donate to me via patreon or paypal.

I pray for the salvation of all that send me donations.

All donation methods below are untested. So you can donate a small amount and then tell me how you donated to me via email so that i can see that it works before you donate more. Like donating a test amount, maybe 1 dollar to start with.
Sending cash to my address. See bottom of this page for address. You can donate to me by sending cash in a normal envelope. There is no guarantee that I receive it since someone might steal it on the way. But usually it works. Recommended to put the cash in some paper like an A4 paper and then put it all into the envelope so that it's not visible from outside of the envelope that the envelope contains cash.

Donations to me can be sent to Monero (XMR) address




Mattias Almlöf
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You are not allowed to visit me if you wish me harm. 
No uninvited visits unless you are an angel of God or a truly born again saint.

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