I have a personal discord server. If you want to talk to me you can join it. Here is the invitation.


This discord server is more kind of my private discord server.

(If you want to join my AV1611 discord server, its on the home page.)

I also have ricochet (ricochet.im) and signal (signal.org) as chat clients. You can email me for my username at disciplemattias@gmail.com if you want to chat with me.
I also have a slack channel available here



Email: disciplemattias@gmail.com, disciplemattias@protonmail.com


Mattias Almlöf
Selbäcksvägen 12
79237 Mora

You are not allowed to visit me if you wish me harm. 
No uninvited visits unless you are an angel of God or a truly born again saint.


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